Rename path for Public Link


I use the Univention Corporate Server with Owncloud 10.0.10 and my question is, is it possible to rename public Links to a user-friendly / readable format like…


For NextCloud there is an App available (ShareRenamer)

Is there also a possibility for OwnCloud to rename the Public Link?

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I am not aware of such an app being available for ownCloud. What you could do is install just a regular URL shortening service (not sure if this is possible directly on UCS though).

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I don’t see any real use case. Just because you can rename the link to a “mySafelyAndHarmlessFile.pdf” doesn’t mean anything. No one knows what is behind the link and if it could be safe. You basically trust the source.

The normal use case is as simple as copy the link and paste it wherever you want, and you can usually change the link “name” or text to be more friendly in the email client, web page or wherever you want to use it (ever heared about the “click here to go to…”?)

You can also use url shorteners if you are short of text length (for social networks) as suggested by @eneubauer

I don’t really see a usage for such app


yes of course, if i use the link in Mail, Websites etc this is not a problem but when i want to use a readable link that you can remember e.g in lectures, presentations, print-documents etc.
Thera are many usecases where a link must be easy to read and remember.

I think than i must change to NextCloud :sweat::woman_shrugging:t3:

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You must ensure the name is unique across all the shares. Obviously, if the names are too similar, you might get a different file because you typed the wrong link. In addition, I don’t think you’ll remember more than 50 different links, so you’ll still need to access ownCloud and copy the link.
For me, the usability is questionable, and relying on the good behaviour of a user is usually dangerous.