Renamed Shared Folders

Any renamed folders (shared) are not showing renamed on the user side. When I rename a folder it continues to sync contents but the folder name does not change for anyone I shared with.

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Can't you just unshare and share again?

Is the quickest solution :slight_smile:


I think this is the expected behavior. If the folder would be renamed how should the receiver know the new name?

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Interesting, did not realize that before :wink:
Unshare and share is a workaround, but not a perfect one as some metadata will be lost I think.
Otherwise yes, this is by design.

Is there no other solution rather than config the shares again?

That's not suitable for my users...

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If you like to talk about the same folder with your users, just use the private link. Not sure for what you are looking for a solution. Your user has renamed a share - perfect it has a new name for him. He should be happy.

Thinking about it again, maybe a forced rename by the owner would be an interesting feature.