Renaming folder/file results in 502 bad gateway error

I'm using the owncloud Windows Desktop client to sync data to owncloud server.
With version 2.2.4 (was that the previous version?) everything worked fine
With version 2.4.0 and 2.4.1RC1 creating a folder, letting it sync and then renaming it results in a 502 bad gateway error

Expected behaviour

Rename the file on owncloud

Actual behaviour

Receive a "502 Bad gateway" error

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a new folder
  2. Wait for the folder being synced
  3. Rename the folder

Server configuration

Operating system: Unknown
I'm only a client of a cloud owncloud provider so i'm not familiar with the server environment used

Web server: Unknown


PHP version:Unknown

ownCloud version:Unknown

Storage backend (external storage):Unknown

Client configuration

Client version:2.4.0

Operating system:Windows 10 1709

OS language: English

Installation path of client: Default


Please use Gist ( or a similar code paster for longer

#=#=#=#=# Propagation starts 2018-03-01T00:40:30Z (last step: 331 msec, total: 331 msec)
||New folder -> New folder123|INST_RENAME|Up|1519864821|1517a50093f1024a0|0|155560|2|Server replied "502 Bad Gateway" to "MOVE folder"|502|0|0||||
#=#=#=# Syncrun finished 2018-03-01T00:40:30Z (last step: 40 msec, total: 372 msec)


without information about the server your are syncing to, I doubt someone could help you.

Could you ask the provider or the support for informations?

Issue has already been reported to them but i was wondering whether this issue was familiar here. Apparently that is not the case

The provider has found the source of the problem and it requires a new update to the client so have to wait for that