Renewal of SSL certificate

Hello everyone. A question.

If I renew the SSL certificate on the owncloud server, do I then have to redo the configuration on the clients every time or do the clients automatically receive a new certificate?

Thank you

Depends on what kind of certificate you have that is being renewed.

If you have a publicly trusted certificate installed for HTTPS on your ownCloud server and you replace it with another publicly trusted certificate (like from e.g. Let’s Encrypt or any other CA provider), then you are renewing the certificate because it has an expiry date. And you are replacing the existing certificate to install a newer certificate with new, longer lasting expiry date.
These CA providers have their root signing cert installed in the different OSes and in all the different browsers. No additional action is necessary to have this new certificate be trusted in any of these clients.

However if you have your own PKI with CA certificates, then you will have to install the root signing cert on all your clients. But as you are asking I doubt that you have that, otherwise you would know more about this topic :wink:

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you’re right i forgot to tell you that i currently have a self-created certificate and i would like to replace it with let’s encrypt.

So I have to redo configuration on each client, right?

Thank you

No, as Let’s Encrypt counts as the first category of certs I explained before.

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ok I try and let you know.

thank you

I did the test and as I imagined as soon as I changed the certificate the clients disconnected and I have to redo the connections on all clients

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