Replace harddrive

Hi all,

I have an owncloud server with an external harddrive used as storage. A few days ago this harddrive broke.

Is there a way to replace the harddrive? I’m afraid that when I replace the drive with an empty one, things will get messed up. According to the database the files should be there, but owncloud will not find them on the drive. Will it start removing this data out of the database? Will it start removing this data from the clients who are synchronizing their data?

Maybe I should do a kind of reset of the database? Or maybe a whole new installation is the best option?

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


If you don’t have a backup you can restore on the new drive I’d recommend to set up a new ownCloud. Perhaps even under a new domain, as I am not sure how the client would behave if it logged in having a bunch of data but the server being empty. It is very well possible that that could trigger a deletion on the client.
Build a test setup where you can safely try out things, before you accidentally lose even more data.

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Thank you very much for your answer.

I believe setting up a new owncloud under the same domain name should not be a problem as long as I do not create the samers users with the same passwords.

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