Replacing "my_domain.tld"with IP address while setting up ownCloud

Hi everybody,

I am trying to set up ownCloud on my QNAP NAS.
Following the official installation guide I think I made a mistake at the very beginning.
I would like to use an IP adress instead of a domain. but I put the IP here:

my_domain=β€œ192.168.0.100” (using my real IP of course)
echo $my_domain

hostnamectl set-hostname $my_domain
hostname -f

now I am getting an error/issue with apache2.conf.

If I use following command to overwrite the above will that cause problems, or work at all?

echo $my_ip

hostnamectl set-hostname $my_ip
hostname -f

Thank you very much for your help.

I strongly encourage you reconsider that idea. You need to use HTTPS to protect your data and your NAS device. HTTPS requires a certificate. Most certificates require a domain name for validation. Attempting to use only an IP address will create substantial and unnecessary security risks and makes normal operations far more difficult than they should be.

You also are not using the hostname command in a manner consistent with its purpose or capabilities. While I haven’t seen your Apache config, and can’t say that I want to, I have no doubt that you need to correct errors in it as well.

I don’t know what degree of QNAP support is available here, nor can I comment on the ownCloud support available on the QNAP forums, but it may not hurt to see if QNAP has any hits to guides.

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Hello LinkP and thanks for your input. You are absolutely right about the https and ssl approach. I reconsidered and set up a clearnet address.


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Is everything working as expected now?

Not quite yet, I still have to get either a static IP from my ISP or go for DynDNS. Will head forward on Monday. Thanks for asking. Have a nice Weekend.


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