Repository to be used for installation on Ubuntu 20.04?


which repository should be used to install latest (10.4.1) ownCloud on Ubunu 20.04 - any differerence between:


I did not see a Ubuntu 20.04 repo for owncloud either. Most probably this is because of Ubuntu 20.04 shipping PHP 7.4, which is not yet compatible with ownCloud.

The soon upcoming ownCloud 10.5 (there is already RC3 at will be ready for PHP 7.4.

I guess repositories will be available little time after the release.

Anyway, from my experience I prefer manual installation to one via packages. If this is an option for you, you might want to read the installation docs at

If you choose not to use the release candidate for manual installation but the last stable version, there is an important thread about PHP on Ubuntu 20.04: