Requesting and downloading from RESTful API

Hello Guys,

I'm trying to download files from the REST-API of owncloud. but I think that the API which I found in the internet is not actual. Because by trying to download a file via URL in the Browser always get redirected to my owncloud site.
And If I look at the Request which a get from the "Postman", it gives me a whole HTML-Site, but the files are not shown, because I get this message: "Access your files via webdav".
If i understood it right, the owncloud site loads the pictures with javascript via webdav.

Here is the Restful API, which I use to get the files:

This link shows the SHARE API(I think it is not necessary for my request), which prodives just information about the filesystem in the oC as xml-format.

I would appreciate any comments and help.


There is no REST api for files. ownCloud is based on WebDAV.
Please use a webdav library and connect to

okay, do I have to download a owncloud Desktop Client?
and configure a WebDav Server or just connect to the server(I don't know how exactly)?

Maybe this helps:

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thanks, it solved my problem bro.


the roadmap of develop not have this feature on plans?

No - we use webdav as our api. Webdav is an open standard for file access via http as well as syncing calendar and contacts.

Adding any additional api is out of scope