Requesting tutorial on setting up S3 for OC external storage

The main OC documentation on setting up an S3 external storage node shows the required fields. But setting up the S3 bucket, activating the right sub-services for making the S3 bucket compatible with OC is not obvious.

This post is a general call for links to relevant tutorials, or if doesn't exist and someone would like to make a step-by-step guide, it would definitely be a useful doc to have.

If I can figure it out, i'll post about it here.

References found so far:

Agreed...been picking at this for days. I have full control over our AWS account, have setup plenty of IAM users for S3 access for different apps... this owncloud integration is flat out broken IMHO. I've even got logging set to everything (debug), and nothing.... Wondering... do they test this stuff at all?

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