Reset password link doesn't send


We’ve an OC version Everything works fine except forgotten password option. When a user get a “Wrong password” alert and click on “Reset it” the system doesn’t send any email.
The mail configuration is good and tested, we’ve set an SMTP server which allow relay to this host. When I create new user, the creation information email with password reset link is sent. When I click on “send email” button on general configuration site as Administrator the test message get well to admin mailbox. It is not work only with the login page reset it link.
What should I change in configuration to get this function work.

Thanks for help!

Hi Sandor,

Is there an email in the logs of the SMTP server?
You could try enabling smtpdebugging in ownCloud by adding the following line to your config.php:

  'mail_smtpdebug' => true,

Then if the SwiftMailer fails with an uncaught exception you would at least receive a message in the ownCloud log.