Resharing is not allowed

Please help i was mount external storage using SMB in OC 10.0.8 but when I want share file or folder I get this notif : Resharing is not allowed.

Please Help me...


Are you sharing as an admin or a normal user?

have you checked this checkbox?

IIRC there is another setting for external storages which disables sharing on those by default

Thank you for reply..I was doing above. I share with admin group.

anyone get same problem?

Please Help....

Can you show me how you configured your smb share?

This is my configuration external storage

It looks like you have missed my post above. You're probably havn't noticed the following in the documentation:

Enable Sharing allows the ownCloud admin to enable or disable sharing on individual mountpoints. When sharing is disabled the shares are retained internally, so that you can re-enable sharing and the previous shares become available again. Sharing is disabled by default.

which could be the reason why you can't share files. If you click on the little cogwheel on the right side of the mount definition then i think you will find this setting.

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Thank you so are great..:slight_smile:

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