Resharing (or may be another solution)


I'm using Owncloud Server 10.0.1 on Ubuntu 16.04.

I have several departments with their own directory. They access their directory using a pubic share with edit rights.
this way they do not have to authenticates to access their folder.

I tried two methods to get this result:

* Create a user for each departement
* Create a folder with a public share as I can't share root directory of created user.

* Create a folder in the admin context for each departement.
* Create a public shared link for the new folder

My problem is that I need to have static ressources (drivers, doc files etc.) in each of these folders.

With method 1
I can share with the group "Departments" (which re-group all departments), but the share is
always in the root of the department directory and can't be move in a shared folder. I also try with external resources
but the result is the same. (So I can't reshare)

With Method 2

I can put in each department folder the needed resources, but it means, that I have to do it for every folder each time
I have to change something. About 40 departments, so it's a pain in the a..

So is there a way to do resharing? Or do you have any idea to made appear a centralized folder in a shared folder.

I'm not sure I have been very clear, but I hope someone could help.