[Resolved] Sync between ldap user and owncloud user

Runing Owncloud 10.9.1 on Ubuntu server
Having a new openldap server on another Ubuntu server

I have some “local” Owncloud user with data stored for each user.
I have creat the same user in the openldap

I have installed the owncloud-ldap app and it works.
It is possible to log in in owncloud with the ldap user and credential.
=> but it creat a new user account in owncloud instead of login in the existing account.

Is it possible to have the same Owncloud account for one user but :

  • the user login in with ldap in normal case (with ldap paswword)
  • in case of ldap failure, the user is able to login in owncloud using the “local” password

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no, it’s not possible to have the same user both in LDAP and in the local Database.

If case you expect your LDAP failing - you can setup a backup LDAP server for the failover.

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Ok thanks for the clear reply.

So I guess I should have all user in the ldap except maybe a admin account in the owncloud local database?

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Yes, that is how it’s usually done.

You can add LDAP users in local groups as well, for example the LDAP user oc_admin in the local “admin” group and give him admin privileges. Depends on your needs :slight_smile:

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