REST API development

Hi Team,
Iam new to owncloud, I need api documentation or sample rest api code to create users, share files, upload files using owncloud api. Please guide,


Did you check the documentation? Whats missing in it?

file/folder operations are done through WebDAV!

Hi Team,
I need to develop rest api for owncloud, using php , I followed your first link and tried to create a user , it failed. and
could you pleasee guide,

failure 999 Invalid query, please check the syntax. API specifications are here: DEBUG OUTPUT:

I tried another url it is showing 404 error. Whether I need to install any ? folder has 4 files :--v1.php, v2.php, providers.php, routes.php. I am using ubuntu server 12.04 it is on amazon aws.

Hi Team,
Any reply on my queries please.