Restore Files - Delete admin owncloud

Good night! I created another admin on owncloud (via interface) and deleted the old one and all my files are gone. Please can someone tell me how to find the files. I need an urgent answer


i think if you have deleted a user account it is expected that the files of that user are deleted as well. If you don’t have a backup of the files then i think it is required to work with some sort of data recovery tool to recover these lost files.

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Once you delete a user the files should be removed too.

Before removing the user there is the occ files:transfer-ownership command to move the files to another user before you remove it.

As @tom42 in this case only a data recovery tool could be the solution (or a restore from a backup)

I hope you are able to recover your files.


Good Morning! As I understand it really has nothing to do, when deleting the user all files are deleted as well. I think this kind of procedure should not be accepted by the tool, especially with admin level.


if i’m deleting a user at my ownCloud 10.2.0 installation i’m getting the following warning message presented:

You are about to delete a user. This action can’t be undone and is permanent. All user data, files and shares will be deleted. Are you sure that you want to permanently delete test?

It seems there is a big warning that all files of that user gets deleted so i think this procedure is working like it was implemented by the ownCloud developers.

In my case no message appeared. If it had appeared for sure I would not have done such an action.


maybe you are using an outdated version of ownCloud not providing/showing this message?

Hi… guys I am admin unintentionally I deleted the user and user lost every data how can i recover the account and his data. please help me


i think the answer given last year is still valid:


do you have backups ?