"Restore" version function doesn't work

We’re running ownCloud 10.11.0 and are unable to get the “Restore” function in the WebUI to bring back a previous version of a file. We can download a previous version directly, but clicking “Restore” simply makes a new version with the same file that was already the latest. After clicking “Restore,” the thumbnail still shows the same thing as what was previously the latest version and the file size reports the same as well. ownCloud Desktop apps don’t sync anything new.

How can we restore a previous version of a file so it becomes the latest live version?

Some additional information: It appears ownCloud is bringing back the older version of the file, but doesn’t make it current. See here the version history on a quick test - the 260KB file is the original version, the 492KB file with the red squiggles over the top is the newer version:

No matter what we do, the 492KB file with the red squiggles is always the current version of the file.

It’s possible that the thumbnail isn’t updated properly or the change in the file isn’t triggered correctly. You could try to download the file and check if it’s really the version of the file you’re expecting.

Anyway, there are changes incoming for the versions with 10.12 that will be released (hopefully) soon, so you could try to update when it’s out.

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The thumbnails appear to reflect the actual contents of the version - downloading confirms this. Regardless, “restore” isn’t triggering an update in any of the desktop clients and downloading the “current” version from the webUI only ever gives us the last version we actually sync’d. The “restored” version never becomes “current” again.

Confirmed that version “restore” works properly on OCIS 2.0.0. Will test OC10.12 when it’s released.


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