Restoring Contacts


Kindly I was wondering if someone could share some guidance on how to restore the ‘Contacts’ app. After making a deletion mistake i turned to the OwnBackup app. First I selected a suitable date the following I attempted to restore the following tables: oc_cards, oc_cards_properties, oc_dav_shares, oc_dav_properties. Then these two issues occurred: 1. the below error window appeared; 2. contacts app would not be able to load a contacts list; it just keeps on loading. Re-installing the contacts app did not resolve the issues. Anyone suggestions where I could find information on how to restore the app (and perhaps restoring the contacts).
I am currently using ownCloud version 10.0.8 (stable), latest version of Contacts and have encryption on the sever.

Tables restored
Table(s) could not be restored: Inserting data row failed: An exception occurred while executing ‘INSERT INTO oc_cards (id,addressbookid,carddata,uri,lastmodified,etag,size) SELECT ?,?,?,?,?,?,? FROM oc_cards WHERE id = ? AND addressbookid = ? AND carddata = ? AND uri = ? AND lastmodified = ? AND etag = ? AND size = ? HAVING COUNT(*) = 0’ with params [“1”, “2”, “BEGIN:VCARD\r\nVERSION:3.0\r\nPRODID:-//Sabre//Sabre VObject 4.1.2//EN\r\nUID:username1\r\nEMAIL:username2\r\\r\nPHOTO;ENCODING=b;TYPE=image/png:iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAAGAAAABgCAYAAADimHc\r\n 4AAAACXBIWXMAAA7EAAAOxAGVKw4bAAAgAElEQ… a very long string of digits…Fu4SZyTlASjwAAAABJR\r\n U5ErkJggg==\r\nFN:user\u00f2 user\r\nN:user;user\u00f2;;;\r\nEND:VCARD\r\n”, “Database:username.vcf”, “1532608157”, “d3dfc14d2837594079879d9f447056c2”, “24420”]: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘carddata’ in ‘where clause’

Looks like an issue with ownBackup. Please try to get in touch with the developer of this app.

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