Restoring from backup

Hey guys,
I want to restore my owncloud server from a VM 4 days ago since some information got erased.
However each time I try and restore, the windows client syncs and start deleting lots of files on it (maybe because files are a more recent version etc or the folder has less files on it on the client) but I want block them from deleting them and basically get the server version as the latest. Is that possible?
When I recover the server I closed port 443 so they can’t connect but as soon as they can connect they will start erasing files I can’t have deleted.
What is the best way to approach it?
Will I need to remove all the sync connections and re-add them? Let me know please since I don’t know what else to do to be able to fix this issue.
I can’t recover from trash because the disk becomes full because of file conflicts.
Thanks much in advance.


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