Resurrected files from clients in ownCloud 10

My company has been using ownCloud for a few years now. And we've noticed an issue which seems to be giving us problems. We have a couple of mobile labs mounted in trucks that go out into the field to do environmental research. Owncloud is used to sync mission planning docs and data to the various computers in the trucks. The server sits back at the home office.

The issue is that the computers on the trucks are generally turned off between field campaigns. The scientists then set up everything for a new job. This means removing the documents and data from the previous field experiment and loading them for the new experiment. Several weeks or months may go by in the mean time. When the computers in the mobile lab are fired up, they pull down the new documents. We expect them to delete the old documents since they've been removed from the server. Instead, the mobile lab computers begin pushing the old documents back up to the server. Then everyone else starts pulling them back down.

If this happens while the trucks are in the field, then it uses the cellular connection and eats up our limited data budget. It only takes one rogue computer to create chaos on the network.

Does anyone have a suggestion for how to prevent an intermittently connected ownCloud client from resurrecting deleted files like this?

I can’t say for sure, but I expect the desktop client to upload files if they’re newer. Maybe when your mobile lab start the computer those files are modified / touched somehow? Maybe those files failed to be uploaded previously and now the desktop client just retry the upload?

Normal desktop usage should work fine, and that involves shuting down the computer each day. It shouldn’t matter the computer is shutdown weeks or months.

In any case, provide at least both the versions for the desktop clients and the server, just in case there is a known bug in any of those, as well as the server log and configuration.

Maybe @alfageme can give more details.

Yes. I have seen and heard about this before. If you can reproduce this with 10.0.8 and 2.4.1 I am very willing to look at an issue report in the client repo in detail. We have done some work in this area, but the remember lists might not go on forever, etc.