Retrieving data from an old ownCloud installation



Hey all.
I had ownCloud running under FreeNAS.
FreeNAS boot disk got corrupted.
Some time passes.
Re-installed FreeNAS (now 9.10).
Re-installed ownCloud (now 9.1.2)
I successfully imported the old zpool.
I can see that I have data in the old jails.
I can't copy them out (wrong permissions)
Can't change permissions

How do I get the data off my old installation? Decades of family photos. That aren't backed up, cause I'm an idiot.
Thank you!!



are you able to access them with root rights? Why dont you chown or chmod your files with root and copy them/why cant you change the permissions?


I did try that. It kept giving me "permission denied" even as sudo/su.