Retrieving data from an old ownCloud installation

Hey all.
I had ownCloud running under FreeNAS.
FreeNAS boot disk got corrupted.
Some time passes.
Re-installed FreeNAS (now 9.10).
Re-installed ownCloud (now 9.1.2)
I successfully imported the old zpool.
I can see that I have data in the old jails.
I can't copy them out (wrong permissions)
Can't change permissions

How do I get the data off my old installation? Decades of family photos. That aren't backed up, cause I'm an idiot.
Thank you!!

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are you able to access them with root rights? Why dont you chown or chmod your files with root and copy them/why cant you change the permissions?

I did try that. It kept giving me "permission denied" even as sudo/su.