Rocket.Chat integration

We had some chat with the developers of - is also taking part in GSoC 2017.

We agreed on running an integration of within owncloud under our GSoC mentorship with help of mentors! :rocket:

The basic idea is that the rocket chat front end is integrated within owncloud as an app - either by iframing or by loading the necessary frontend javascript elements within the owncloud front end.

We need to see how we can then provide some further integration like pasting link shares, upload files from owncloud into rocket chat, invite owncloud users to join .....



I would like to know more about this project idea.After reading description given on's project ideas page, i understand that they want to replace AWS S3 with ownCloud server for storing user files that users upload for sharing on groupchat .

FYI, i've installed rocket chat development environment on my local machine.