Root directory on firstrunwizard - picture not visibel


I have a problem on first login on user for see some pictures.

url on my cloud:

i see that the root folder on url picture are not. I use a personal Themes.

Wher is for changing thant ?

in whating of your help.

Best regard



did you had a look at this ?


Thank’s for the link, but i have questions.

in now i haven’t permission on the log see under:

:/home/administrateur/Documents# ./ TEMP /var/www-https/html/owncloud
Bootstrapping theme development.

Copying default theme
cp: cannot stat ‘/var/www-https/html/owncloud/apps/theme-example’: No such file or directory

Updating theme id
sed: can’t read /var/www-https/html/owncloud/apps/TEMP/appinfo/info.xml: No such file or directory

Setting theme file permissions
chown: cannot access ‘/var/www-https/html/owncloud/apps/TEMP’: No such file or directory

Enabling theme
TEMP not found

Finished bootstrapping the new theme.

i see that ne new theme is under “/apps/” but on on config.php i put the line ‘theme’ => ‘NewTheme’,

that the path on my Theme:

I don’t realy understand the tow way of theme.

Than’s for explane.

Best regrad’s

You have to download the theme-example app first, then execute the script with 2 variables set - the theme name and the path to your ownCloud root folder.