RPi OC Server With smbclient and certbot

HI I'm trying to set up my OC server using smbclient for external storage (flash drives, until I can get my hands on an HDD), and certbot for SSL. I'm using a RPi 1, model B. I've gotten through the OC setup OK, but I'm just lost now on how to do everything else. I get all kinds of errors when trying to setup smbclient, certbot, and more. I'm quite new to this, if you haven't guessed already, but I've had a lot of fun learning about how Linux works so far. Oh yeah, I'm running Apache on the latest Raspian Jessie Image, and the latest version of OC (9. something).
Thanks in advance!


please specify what issues you're facing as your post contains zero information about that.

Also please create one thread for each issue you're facing for the reasons posted here: