Run owncloud with docker and set ADMIN_USERNAME = admin,ADMIN_PASSWORD = admin123 in the environment variable, but I can not login with admin/admin123, but can login with admin/admin

sudo docker run -it -p 9080:8080 --name owncloud3 --link mymariadb:mysql, --link redis-server:redis -v /newF3/data:/mnt/data -e ADMIN_USERNAME=admin -e ADMIN_PASSWORD=admin123 -e OWNCLOUD_TRUSTED_DOMAINS= -e OWNCLOUD_DB_TYPE=mysql -e OWNCLOUD_DB_NAME=owncloud -e OWNCLOUD_DB_USERNAME=user -e OWNCLOUD_DB_PASSWORD=123456 -e OWNCLOUD_DB_HOST=mymariadb -e OWNCLOUD_MYSQL_UTF8MB4=true owncloud/server:latest

Fill in admin at the user name, fill in admin123 at the password, report wrong password at the UI, but fill in admin in the user name, fill in admin at the password, can log in successfully, how to solve this problem


maybe the hints on using a .env file in the documentation provided by the ownCloud people could help?

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