Running a custom encryption algorithm from external application before file upload from client

Hi, we are working on a student college project where we are looking to create/simulate our own cloud server environment, where we can host files and access them within a local area network.

However, one enhancement that we are trying to apply from our own side is a Python script that will be used to encrypt a file (eg a .docx file) using a custom hybrid encryption algorithm before uploading it onto the cloud server, this file would then be able to be accessed from other users who can download the file which will then be decrypted so they can read it. Basically, simulating end-to-end encryption using our own cloud server-client environment, where the server PC cannot directly read the uploaded file on its own disk, and neither during transmission.

We are basically looking for a way where we can do the entire process from a single script which can instantly encrypt a file and upload it to our cloud as a single step from user side, and not having to first separately encrypt the file and then upload separately from an ownCloud Desktop client, and vice versa on receiver side.

Is there any possible way to do this type of implementation using ownCloud?


Assuming your doing this on linux based system?
If so why not simply use NFS Shares and your python script can then automate the whole process, since you don’t want to use the windows/linux clients.

have you looked at webdev to upload the files?

Thanks for the reply. We’ll look into it with our professors whether using NFS Share can be considered a proper simulation for our problem statement.

Also, what did you mean by “have you looked at webdev to upload the files” ? :sweat_smile:
Did you mean webDAV? If so we will look into it as well.


Yes, in fact it already exists. What you are looking for is a filesystem level encryption.
There are already a few implementations:

Put your encrypted filesystem into your ownCloud folder and mount it somewhere else in order to access the files.

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