Running out of space

I am running the community edition of ownCloud 10.0.9 on a hosted server (no SSH access) and ownCloud is filling up with old files: deleted files, old file versions, 12 MB log file.

It looks like some part of the automatic cleanup is not working; I see lots of files in data/user/files_versions and do not know how to get rid of them (short of deleting them).

I tried switching cron from AJAX to webcron, and manually ran the cron.php URL but none of the old stuff got removed.

The ownCloud instance has been updated several times from older versions is seems to be running fine

The output of index.php/settings/integrity/failed is ‘No errors have been found.’

Any suggestions what I can do (manually or automatically) to get rid of the old stuff?

In config.php, I have the lines

‘versions_retention_obligation’ => ‘1,2’,
‘trashbin_retention_obligation’ => ‘1,2’,
‘activity_expire_days’ => 10,