Same file re-sync

Hi :slight_smile:
I have a problem with file sync:
I uploaded from my business connexion (1Gb/s) all my pictures to my owncloud server (with web browser)

I have, on my PC at home the same folder witch i want to sync.
Files are the same on the both side, but when i launch owncloud client, it resync every file ! And i don't know why...

Am i doing something wrong?
I can't sync with my home connexion 100 GB pictures, it would take an eternity...

The ownCloud sync client is currently not detecting this:

Ok thank you for your answer, maybe in a future version :frowning:


there is a developer assigned to the second feature request so this might be included in one of the next major releases.

Also forgot to mention that there is a possible workaround to copy the sync state database between clients. You will find a description for this in the following comment:

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