Save PDF with forms in pdfviewer back to owncloud


Use the powerful scripting engine ooRexx to control and manage applications to collect, assemble and store information. One part of it is to create hundereds of PDF files with form data for a few select people to enter information at the moment they do the corresponding activity. They could of course print each PDF and write and draw by hand, but the problem is that the activity occur no where near a printer so they tend to write all at the end (months later). If it is easier to just use the PDF form with the PDF Viewer and type the info they’d use it the way intended.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create PDF with OpenOffice/…/ that contain forms and upload it to owncloud
  2. Open a PDF in the webbrowser (Edge, Chrome or FF) and use the owncloud PDF Viewer ( version 1.0.1 )
  3. Fill in the form data

Current behaviour

One can save the data by downloading the file with the new form data, but not save the data back to file that reside in owncloud. The next person can therefore not know for certain that the specific file has been used/finished/reported.
One has to download the file with a generic name and manually replace the PDF on the side.
The directory structure and elaborate naming due to the many similar files involved and required by others can confuse the user.

Application: PDF Viewer
Version: 1.0.1

Suggested behaviour, future

Additional button to save the form data back to the opened PDF file in owncloud

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