Scaling ownCloud to 500+ users globally

The organization I work for is looking to scale OwnCloud to some 500+ users. Today we have one ownCloud server setup in the USA but we are wanting to setup additional servers geographically (first one in South East Asia) for some of our workers in that part of the world. Most of their data lives on the USA server. We are enterprise customers but as we all know the USA side got shut down and so we are at a lost for further help in designing out the scalability of this product. We are running OwnCloud on Ubuntu backed with MySQL - the domain is I believe the current plan is that we would setup a to move the Asia users over and then continue doing this for places like Africa, Europe, South America, Middle East, etc. This seems really convoluted to me and a headache for sure to make sure things are working right and let alone user management. It seems that ownCloud can scale pretty big, but it doesn't seem clear on how. Can anyone suggest the best way of doing this? Ideally it would be nice to have duplicated or central data for everyone, and then use geo-DNS to direct clients to the closest ownCloud server, but not sure what the backend requirements are for that. Thanks.


if you're enterprise customer its probably the best to contact the guys from They probably have the best knowledge about such large infrastructures.

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All existing and future US customers are taken care of by our support organisation, please contact support at owncloud dot com, or me personally at hd at owncloud dot com. You can also open a ticket in the customer center.

As you describe there are different ways to do this, depending on your concrete needs we will be happy to recommend a good way forward! Looking forward to work with you!