Scaling owncloud to multiple servers: cron and cache problems?

We want to start owncloud on 3 machines and use a load balancer to distribute the traffic between them.

We got an external database and we got the storage connected via gluster. Sessions are also shared between them using redis.

However, I asked myself 2 questions:

  1. What about the cron jobs of owncloud? Won't each server execute the cron jobs in parallel? May this lead to problems?
  2. What about the APCi cache? We have activated it in the config.pjp ('memcache.local' => '\OC\Memcache\APCu'). Should we deactivate it in order to avoid that changes on server 1 cause problems from a cached result whent he next request arrives at server 2?

I checked and but both don't discuss the 2 things above.

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Hi SvenAbels,

  1. Starting with oC 9.1 multiple parallel cron jobs are supported. Therefore it is ok to configure a cron job on each server.

  2. You should still configure APCu as local cache on each oC server and use Redis as distributed cache and for Transactional File Locking. Please refer to:

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Thanks a lot for the fast help. This seems to work perfectly dfine now. :slight_smile: