Scaling Redis for large bussiness model

Dear all, I have just build simple model of owncloud. As owncloud documents, we need to setup memcache using redis (I choose redis for distributed). Redis will store data cache; A data cache stores copies of data, templates, and other types of information-based files. I know it but not in detail. So please give me some detail about which is stored in redis server and advise me design redis server for 5000 concurrent users. Thanks a lot

Usually there is not much data stored in Redis.

Please be aware that we cannot give any advice in here on how to properly setup Redis.
This is a deployment specific task and not really related to ownCloud.

Dear DeepDiver,
Can you describe some detail information which is stored in redis or what redis handle? I want to know in order to design redis server.

The main use case for Redis in ownCloud is automated file locking in order to prevent write conflicts.