Schedule sync for specific folders

Hello everyone,

I’d like to sync some folders at specific times, after reading the ownCloud desktop documentation I couldn’t anything related to that. The options of the client don’t show anything related to scheduling sync.
Is it possible ? Has anyone already tried it ?

Is it a Windows or Linux desktop client?

On Linux I would try to use the owncloudcmd command: more information is available in our client documentation

Which I would then run using cron or a systemd.timer.


Hi @eneubauer

thanks for your answer and sorry not to have specified which desktop client it was. Actually both would suit my needs.

After further reading the documentation, at first the sync seems to be only from the ownCloud to the local directory:

The ownCloud Client packages contain a command line client, owncloudcmd, that can be used to synchronize ownCloud files to client machines.

But the next sentence is more like “it would sync both local and distant to the same state”:

owncloudcmd performs a single sync run and then exits the synchronization process. In this manner, owncloudcmd processes the differences between client and server directories and propagates the files to bring both repositories to the same state.

In my case I’d like to push local modification to the ownCloud (database of some accounting software), so I’m a bit confused whether it syncs from local to distant or both. I’ll try that I guess.

In the same documentation, it doesn’t say it applies/works only on linux systems. I don’t have a Windows right now to try it out. Is it sure it doesn’t work on Windows too ?


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Heads up, after testing, owncloudcmd does sync both local and distant.

I’ll try on Windows when I have one around :'D


New heads up, I asked a remote coworker to test if the command was available on Windows (Windows 10) and it seems to be working when you are in the correct path. I’ll do further testing on Windows later, but it smells good !


Hello everyone,

I could test on a Windows machine, and it works well, you’d have to add the owncloud installation folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\owncloud) to the Windows path to call the owncloudcmd.exe binary directly.

To sum up for any future readers:

  • owncloudcmd works on both linux and Windows
  • owncloudcmd does sync both local and remote

Thanks !