Search Bookmarks in version 0.10.2 on 10.0.3

According to the description at "You can also use the search bar of ownCloud in the top right of your screen."

Using Bookmarks 0.10.2 on ownCloud 10.0.3-1.1 form the official Debain repository for Debian 8 Jessie the search bar is not visible.

I really need to be able to search my bookmarks. Is there a fix planned for this?

Good News - There is a search bar, Bad news - I couldn't use it to find my bookmarks.

If you click on the magnifying glass symbol a wild search bar appears.

The magnifying glass icon is hidden when the bookmarks app is the active page.

Making it visible using CSS is insufficient to make it function on that page.

Version 0.10.4 published to the Marketplace on 24 Oct 2018 introduces a basic search functionality.

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