Search function not respecting folder hierarchy

Steps to reproduce

When using the search function in the web browser, results will show results from the current folder(if any) and then show results from every folder on the server.
For example, a search within the hierarchy of “All → Subfolder 1 → Subfolder 1a”, results in search results from “All → Subfolder 2”.

Expected behaviour

According to the ownCloud documentation, “When changing into a directory, search starts in this folder, displays the results, and continues to search in subsequent folders.“

I am a general user of our ownCloud server and do not have access to the majority of the other requested information. This issue has been reproduced with several users and with multiple browsers.

I don’t think it’s expected to respect the folder hierarchy. I mean, the first section is for the matches in the current folder, but the next one is for matches in all the folders. It doesn’t mean that they’ll search and display the results in a specific order.

Maybe the wording isn’t clear enough.


If that’s the case, then the wording is definitely not clear. “Subsequent” implies that it searches every folder within the currently selected top node, which would be a very useful feature to have. The current usage for searching within a folder has limited results if extensive subfolder sorting has been used.
Thanks for the clarification.

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