Search in comments

Is there an API to search through all comments ?
I am looking for files that have comments containing a certain string.
It is easy to do directly in the database but I would like to do this from an external app using an API.

I’ve had a quick look through the available APIs:

But unfortunately I didn’t find anything that could help you, so I would guess this API does not exist. Perhaps @jvillafanez knows more?

There is no API to search for comments.
You could try to implement a search provider in the comments app and create an API over the ownCloud’s search providers.

Basically, the comments app would register a search provider (you’ll have to implement it) to search for comments. You could use the ownCloud’s search to ask for results from a different ownCloud app.
If you want to access from somewhere outside the ownCloud environment, you’ll also need to create an API to expose the results.

You can check and as starting points.

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Thanks a lot for your feedbacks. I am trying to extend the provisioning_api app. This is very similar as searching for users or for groups.

Thomas Doki-Thonon