Search only in current folder

Hi all,

We currently have an ownCloud installation with a lot of data. We have for example a “Customers” folder with over 400 folders inside. Our users primarily use the webbased version of ownCloud, and it would be convenient to have search functionality that only search within the current folder. In this way, a user can type the first two letters (e.g., “vr”) to quickly find the desired customer’s folder, instead of scrolling all the way to the bottom.

The search functionality of ownCloud in its current form is great, but always searches the entire scope. Is the above described functionality possible? Does anyone have a solution?


I don’t think there is a feature like this possible in ownCloud at this moment.

But since ownCloud is a community driven project - you can open an issue on GitHub and propose a feature request. And if enough people want your feature it might be in the coming release.

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