Search users by email for sharing files

Hi, I’m using owncloud v4.0.4 can we share files from Users & Group using email as sharing option?


I’m afraid I cannot follow you in detail. What is owncloud v4.0.4 ? Such a version does not exist (typo?)

In the context of sharing and email I currently see three options

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Hi Cortho,

Im sorry about the matter above, actually we’re using OwnCloud v10.4.0.4, We have two site office that we set as a federated domain for each site ( & For User authentication, we are using LDAP authentication / Active Directory user for each site. Both sites can share files each others using federated cloud sharing.

My question is:-

  1. Can we share files thru email that tie with Active Directory user? Because each user that authenticated have emails on their profiles.

  2. Can we share files thru group that created on Active Directory? because when we setting for LDAP Authentication, we are seeing list of groups on our Active Directory on OwnCloud when we setting for LDAP. Is it possible to share files to these groups?

Regarding your questions: Are you looking to do federated sharing with just searching by email or group?

If yes, I don’t think that can work.

Do you have a trust relationship between the two sites, e.g. they show the green button in the settings for federation?

For normal sharing on a single instance see below:

Have you tried adding mail to the 2nd User Display Name Field or User Search Attributes in the advanced tab of the User authentication configuration dialog?

Make sure to test your changes on a test instance first before you know how it will effect your production instance.

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