Searchbox position


I have a problem with the search box that should appear in the left side of the avatar, but it appears below. Does anyone know how to change back to its original position or wich files should return to default configuration to function properly?

I have no theme installed and if I install one (the default one "example" ) still have the same problem...

Thank you

When posting such issues please at least provide the oC version you're running. Those are mandatory infos you should always provide.

The searchbox itself is correctly placed here on my install with oC 9.0.4. There is also no configuration or similar to move that box.

Sorry. Server info:

oC 9.1.0 (stable)
Ubuntu 16.04.2
Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu)
PHP versión: 7.0.8-0
Data Base: libmysql - mysqlnd 5.0.12-dev

Works also on Probably some third party apps or your browser is messing around here with the search box.

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I used all browsers (ie, firefox, chrome) in different computers and erased all third party apps but the problem still there. That´s why i´m asking (if someone knows) wich files i should return to their default configuration (don´t want to make a fresh install of the oC).


As written above there is no configuration responsible for this so you can't return anything to its default configuration.

Imagine that a css file should put the searchbox in this place...

You where talking about a configuration ,not about file modifications you might have done. But if you have modified files the integrity check of ownCloud would bug you about that. You can try to rescan the integrity like described here:

to see if something is modified.

No bugs with integrity check... :sweat:

I guess you're using a mobile or tablet... There is no way around this, and I think it isn't so bad. With the responsive design, in my case the search button overlaps with the top bar text, which is already overlapped...

Web UI isn't really designed for mobiles or tablet, so I'd recommend you to use the ownCloud mobile apps unless you need to do something that isn't supported by them.

I took the photo with a mobile but with the computer is the same (ie, firefox, chrome)...

Where did you download the package from? Official packages don't present that behaviour (at least it works fine fro me using a desktop)