Searching files by tags in Android mobile application

Actual behaviour

  • I have assigned tags to photos through the owncloud web interface on PC, and there is a specified “Tags” search which seems to work well on the web interface. However, in the Android mobile App, I haven’t been able to figure out how to search for files by tags. Does the function even exist in the mobile app?

Expected behaviour

  • There should be a way to search for files using tags as keywords

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open up owncloud android mobile app
  2. Try to search for files by their tags

Environment data

Android version: 9

Device model: Oneplus A3003

Stock or customized system: OxygenOS 9.0.6

ownCloud app version: 2.14.2 release fe23fedb4

ownCloud server version:

No, not implemented yet.


Not implemented yet?(

Hi @levetate! No, this feature is not implemented yet. Right now our focus is in the process of a huge rearchitecture for the whole Android app, but we’ll take into account this suggestion for a future as well. You can always post a new issue in our GitHub repository (Issues · owncloud/android · GitHub) for us to take it into account as soon as possible. Thanks!