Security for using owncloud software

I am learning how to use raspberry pi to setup my own cloud with the software providing here. I want to understand when I am using your software, does it mean there is a chance your company have the ability get into my hard drive easily? Thank you!

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I’m just a regular user of ownCloud client-server service, but such think is not foreseen in the code. Please keep in mind the fact that the software is developed in EU, which mean, that it is forbidden by the laws to access somebody’s else hard drive(HDD) or the server.


In general ownCloud is open source, so if somebody were to try to sneak a backdoor into the code it would be out there in the code for anyone to read on Github. Before it would actually be in a release it would have to fly under the radar of the developers reviewing the code and allowing the malicious pull request.

But this is actually the same for all open source software, so you can either chose to trust it, like the Linux kernel and apache server, just to name a few, running your ownCloud instance or start developing your own computer (including hardware [just like to mention Intel ME…]) from scratch.

For ownCloud the trust of the users is paramount as it is one of it’s unique selling points over other products like dropbox, google drive, … where it is not only impossible to see the source code, but you don’t even know which other third parties get access to it (overt or covert) on the server side.