Seeding a new server by external drive instead of uploading

Hi All
I have been using OC for 10 years and love it. I want to get away from the cloud and run my own server allowing to store TB’s instead of GB’s without having to push it via Australia’s crap internet :slight_smile: I would like to be able to seed the server with a removable drive. I assume there would be time stamp issues?

For me, your goal is unclear. Maybe you could describe your project more in detail?

Instead of the client pushing all the data up to the server I want to be able to Put that data onto a hard drive and copy direct onto server. I have one client in particular that has 1.2TB of data, The internet connection at their premise only gets 20mb upload speed so with 20 staff using the internet all day it would take forever to upload.

It is theoretically possible. You would need to have shell access to the server and run occ files:scan after copying the files to the appropriate storage location(s).

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