Server 10.8.0 Release

We have prepared the first release candidate (RC1) of server 10.8.0

This has an impressive server changelog (core/ at release-10.8.0 · owncloud/core · GitHub) with many user visible improvements (e.g. new web UI is bundled)
It also includes updates to many essential apps. (One noteworthy late addition is user_ldap-0.15.4-rc3
which should fix a password issue in user_ldap-0.15.3)

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Meanwhile, there is a stable release 10.8.0 available. For unknown reasons, it’s announced everywhere else, but not in this forum…

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Thanks Alfred for the ping :slight_smile: (I am to slow for this world)

The links for the final 10.8.0 are:

Most important of all changes, the new web UI is included. Nice details to read: