Server Does not Recognize Ldap username

Hi , i have recently installed and use LDAP for authentication the problem is in the list of users except of username shows UID

Screenshot 2021-06-08 104002

i changed in login attributes the other attribute option to SamAccountName and also did this in expert tab the internal username section

but nothing changed , what should i do?

When changing those values you have to clear the mapping, both user and group.
You can find those buttons in the expert tab at the bottom of the page.

Clear the mapping and do a user:sync.

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It isn’t recommended to change the internal userid mapping to something else. Since you have to be aware if any other attribute you might chose will have to be persistant and can never change. Otherwise user’s might lose their data in ownCloud.

Perhaps explain what the exact problem is you are trying to solve.

  • If users have trouble logging in, there might be some additional settings you have to set.
  • If you want to search for users in the sharing dialog, there are other additional settings.

Carefully read through the following documentation page to find these additional settings:

(I’m sorry I don’t know them from the top of my head at the moment)

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Thank you for your help ,the server is new and it’s not published , i took a look the link you said , i just want in username column instead of uid show me the username i think the benefit of this is , in server files stores in path with the name of user if in column show the username instead of uid the folder name is of user

Thank you ,i checked some users , they added but the username with uid for that users still exist and not deleted , what should i do?

I guess the actions you should do are:

  1. Change the internal username to “samaccountname”
  2. Clear the LDAP mappings
  3. Run the occ user:sync command.

The occ user:sync command have some options to remove the accounts that are missing. You should use that option.

Just a couple of reminders:

  • Clearing the mappings will likely break things. This is fine because it’s a new installation and you don’t have any important data on it, but once you have the server up and running, you shouldn’t touch it.
  • Removing the account will also remove the account’s data, in particular the files. For the user:sync command, the usual recommendation is to disable the missing accounts instead of removing them, so you have a chance to perform actions before removing them.

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