Server failed, but still have old S3 data

Had an ownCloud box running with Linode for 2 years using their S3 storage, worked fine up until this weekend when they had a failure of a host and lost all data.

Unfortunately, I did not have a backup of the owncloud install directly, and I only had a backup of the database from ~1 year ago.

Did a fresh install of ownCloud, added my personal account back, loaded up the Linode S3 settings for the primary S3 storage, signed in and no files.

I did not use any sort of encryption with ownCloud or Linode. Are the files at a total loss?

EDIT: Restored the oc_filecache table and most of my folders and files seem to be back, still missing everything from the DB backup point and present, assume that is gone?

Sadly yes. While using S3 as primary storage, only the binary data is stored in S3 and the oC DB holds all required metadata (e.g. file structure/tree), see point 2) in the documentation. I’m going to address this in our docs to point out more clearly that a frequent DB backup is highly recommended to avoid data loss.

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I wrote a C# app that saved me… I was able to use the virtual files in my owncloud folder, and the uidxxx files from my S3 bucket to rename the uidxxx file into the actual file based on their reported size and modified date. Was able to get all files recovered from my S3 storage. So, I am now back online and have setup a backup of my DB for every hour.


Glad to hear that you found a way to recover it.

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