Server Intrusion that Deletes file

Hi Dear All;

I detected Some file Deletion in activity section by Admin every no and then that are not down by real administrator. so the system have been compromised for sure. i have changed the following passwords:

Root user and all other users of OS;
Admin User and all other administrative privilege of Owncloud;

the system again was compromised and file deletion occured.
I dont know what other try i should do;


Do you have hard proof on that? I mean, there are automatic processes that could happen periodically and could trigger the deletion of files.
Until recently, those processes were badly reported as either admin or the user. Newer versions (10.8.0+, maybe earlier) report as “automaton” (or something similar) as the user triggering the action.

Anyway, it’s always recommended to keep your installation up-to-date. ownCloud 9.1.x has been out of support for a long time, and there could be security fixes that you might not have.


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