Server Migration 1.5Tb from Lousiana to Canada

I move customer information inside owncloud server @ Lousiana, I had a lot of problems with it, and need to move all data.
I try 2 weeks, 8 hours per day, weekend included.
I’m not a geek or nerd, I am normal person with Business Bachelor
I almost gone, some problems with data allocation. but I have been learning a lot.

SCP does not function, on connectivity problems became a broken pipe. and when run again scp, it begin from cero again

Use rsync, if there is a lot of data, dont compress files, use windows powershell or linux native, to be able to send many threads as supported by NIC (usually it’s Gb but now exist plus 6Gb)

I had to use a third server, because source had a lot of problems and it’s almost die I use another server newly formatted with same OS (linux of course) and send the huge data there and then to Canada

The process was from Sunday to thursday now I am working on LAMP configuration and owncloud data and database connection.

if somebody need my work, I can share my working sheets and explain how I am solving issues

Well, I think the docs describe the whole migration process in a usable way. Why it should have taken two weeks at full time, I cannot say.

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the server has problems in OS, not able to download files. take about 10 minutes a 5Mb file. We need find the way to transfer in a save way all data, and faster

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