Server or NAS install?



Can anybody tell me what the difference is in installing owncloud on our linux server or on a Nas system, does Nas give limitations? We want to use owncloud for file management, calendar, projects, notes, emails, customer car.

I've read alot of data but still don't get the Nas setup or is that only for file management?
Thanks for any help.


Owncloud runs on webserver with php. Most NAS systems provide this functionality, however they can have some limitations:

  • You depend on the NAS operating system (often not open source) which can have limitations on available software (php-modules, caching, ...), delayed security fixes, support for owncloud (if special knowledge of the OS is requried, standard Linux distributions are very rich on documentation about webserver/php).
  • Limited resources: NAS are optimized to run as a NAS. ownCloud with a number of users needs a certain amount of resources (memory, cpu). Not sure to what extent these boxes can be updated

If I had a NAS at my home, I would first try what's possible on the NAS itself. If you go for a larger setup with more users and you want flexibility (use fast php 7, benefit from caching with redis/apcu, ...), I'd rather use a server. You can still use your NAS as storage backend.


Thank you very much for your time and effort to write that down, exactly what I needed to know!