Server owncloud problem - Security certificate after an update of the W10 client application


Good morning to all,
I am calling you because I have a problem with my Server. It is a Debian

When I launch my application" owncloud version 2.5.4(build 11415) desktop from my Windows 10 an error message appears:

the server version is Unsupported! Proceed at your own risk.

Do you know which version I should put? Can you tell me how? Thank you very much


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as the message is showing your server version is unsupported by ownCloud. I think it is highly recommended to update to the latest available version 10.1.1 and the message should disappear.


C’est ce que je souhaite faire mais je suis en stage et je ne souhaite pas faire de connerie.
C’est pourquoi je demandais la procédure a suivre. Merci de votre réponse