Server-side Encryption HELP

I need help, I enabled encryption being the dummy I am, and didn't think I would have any problem disabling it. I can't run occ commands, it always tell me "Could not open input file: occ".

I have been trying to go to the owncloud file and doing it from there and it doesn't throw that error but nothing happens. Which btw the directory is as follows: /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/owncloud

I'm running a Vmware UCS 4.2 with owncloud server 10.0.3, downloaded directly from the website.
I'm getting a bit scared at this point, I have to a bit to much to backup on various accounts.

So if i understand you correctly your current issue is the "Could not open input file:" ?


have you made yourself familiar with the Documentation to the appliance?

Also encryption is a serious matter. You could possibly lose access to all your data if configured wrong. That's why there are many warnings and notes in the document about the Encryption

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Yes Tom42

Yes Dimitri, very I read everything on the encryption page, still can't figure it out

what about the appliance doc?

That's because in the appliance, you are on the host system. the host system has no occ commands.
ownCloud runs in a docker container. To use the occ commands you have to enter the docker container.

You can do this by

univention-app shell owncloud

as described here:

in the doc...that you apparently already have read.

This is the mounted data and config directory, what can also be read here:

If you enter the container, you can write the occ commands without the "sudo -u www-data php" part by the way.


Maybe i'm wrong but i think /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/owncloud might be a path on the appliance itself and the wrong place to look for the occ command?

Thank you very much, I searched for this problem a lot a didn't find appliance mentioned once.

Where did you look?

A good place to look is the documentation: