Set permissions by file created date

I have been asked to set up an ownCloud environment for a scout group to store images.

They have asked if it is possible to share files to users but limit access on the users 18th birthday - in other words, they can always access files that were created before they were 18, but nothing after.

Is this possible? Or would I have to do something hacky? If so, can anyone point me in a good direction to start?


You can simply put the users you want give the access to the pictures in a separate group.

Why the hassle with 18th birthday?

Here is how they want it to work:
A - 17
B - 15

  1. Photos get uploaded by B while both under 18 (pic1)
  2. A is now 18
  3. B uploads more photos (pic2)
  4. A should have access to pic1 but not pic2, but B has access to both

They want this so that all leavers can still access all the images they took but can’t see ones they wouldn’t be in.

AFAICT this would mean groups for each leaver with manual access granted to images they should have access to?

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here is a quick solution

  • you create a folder photos, or use the one that is there.

  • then you create a group active-scouts. then you give active-scouts read permission on the photos folder.

  • in the photos folder you create a folder for every scout.

  • you share the folder with the respective scout.

  • the scout has write permissions on his folder, so he can upload files in that folder and and that folder only.

  • if one scout leaves, you remove him from the active-scout group

  • now he has access to his photos, but has no access to the photos of others.

Thanks, but they want to be able to view photos from anyone as long as they were a scout at the time

Very interesting problem :+1:, but I think it’s not possible without coding.

I don’t have any solution, but I certainly admire the problem.
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I thought that would probably be the case!